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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is strategically positioned at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe and is a stable, business-friendly location. Jordan strikingly combines the ancient and the modern worlds, from its historic archaeological site of Petra to its capital Amman, the country's economic, political, and cultural center.


Minimum investment of USD 750,000

Processing Time

Three months


The right of free movement to Jordan, Hong Kong, and Türkiye, among others

Citizenship by Investment Overview

Benefits of the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 53 destinations
  • Citizenship is applicable to the whole family including the main applicant’s spouse, children (unmarried, widowed, or divorced daughters and sons under 18), and dependent parents
  • Citizenship of a calm and stable country in the Middle East
  • Citizenship of a country that plays an active role in the UN and is a member of the World Trade Organization

Jordan Citizenship by Investment


Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

Located in the Northern Arabian Peninsula, Jordan is almost completely landlocked, and prospective investors are in a key position to benefit from the kingdom’s close proximity to Saudi Arabia in the south and Israel to the west — allowing for an expanded business and investment landscape.

For those who desire to become citizens in this diverse and peaceful Arab country, the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program is the most efficient way to acquire such status. The Jordanian government welcomes wealthy foreign individuals who wish to make a significant, qualified investment into the country that would boost the economy through foreign direct investment. Under this program, individuals and their immediate family members can become citizens of Jordan within three months.

Requirements of Jordanian citizenship by investment

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program requires that a foreign individual invests into either a bank deposit, treasury bonds, securities, small and medium enterprises, or a local job-creating project.

Applicants are required to fulfill one of the following investment options in the country:

  • Bank deposit and treasury bonds

Place a zero-interest deposit of USD 1 million at the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) for a minimum period of three years; and

Purchase treasury bonds valued at USD 1 million at an interest rate to be decided upon by the CBJ, held for a minimum period of six years. 

  •       Company shares and/or units

Buy shares and/or units in Jordanian companies valued at a minimum of USD 1.5 million, provided they are held for at least three years and that the Companies Control Department and/or the Jordan Securities Commission denote temporary seizure of them.

  • ·         Small and medium enterprises (local project leading to employment creation)

Establish an investment project in a specific productive economic sector with capital of at least USD 1 million in any location in the Amman governorate (USD 750,000 for a project that is registered outside Amman), provided the project creates at least 20 employment opportunities (reduced to at least 10 opportunities for Jordanians for a project in a governorate other than Amman), in accordance with the statements of the Social Security Corporation.

Documentary evidence of the investment must be provided as part of the application process.

Procedures and time frame of the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

Applications for Jordanian citizenship must include completed application forms and should be accompanied by the appropriate fees and supporting documents. The eligibility criteria are applied to a maximum of 500 cases annually, following security clearance and confirmation of the applicant's financial adequacy. The requirements are reviewed and evaluated every six months and are not applied retroactively.

After initial due diligence checks have been conducted, the applicant may choose their preferred investment route: A bank deposit and treasury bonds, company shares and/or units, or an enterprise that leads to employment creation.

Once the application for Jordanian citizenship has been submitted to the relevant government committee and further due diligence checks have been successfully completed, the application may be approved if eligibility is proven. Following the applicant’s fulfillment of the chosen investment, they (and their included family members) receive a Jordanian passport.

Citizenship applies to the main investor, spouse, children (unmarried, widowed, or divorced daughters and sons under 18), and dependent parents.

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