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Gulab Saini - Executive Director

Mr. Gulab Saini is a distinguished figure in both the corporate and political spheres, renowned for his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen. As the Executive Director of Piptan International Inc., a globally recognized firm, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization's growth and success. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mr. Saini has established himself as a dynamic and results-oriented professional. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Mr. Saini serves as a Senior Advisor to the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, a testament to his profound understanding of political landscapes and his ability to provide invaluable insights to key decision-makers. Drawing on his extensive experience and expertise, he offers strategic guidance and plays a vital role in formulating policies that align with the party's core values and objectives.

With an impressive track record of accomplishments, Mr. Gulab Saini combines his deep understanding of business dynamics and political intricacies to drive positive change and foster growth. His leadership, integrity, and dedication have earned him widespread respect and admiration within the industry and the political arena.

A visionary with a passion for making a difference, Mr. Saini continues to leverage his expertise to shape a brighter future, both for his firm, Piptan International Inc., and the Conservative party of Canada. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence, he remains a driving force in creating impactful strategies and delivering exceptional results for the firm.

Amardeep Singh - Associate Director

Meet Mr. Amardeep Singh, a young and dynamic force driving success at Piptan International Inc. as an Associate Director. With a passion for global business and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mr. Singh has become a prominent figure in the realm of offshore company registration, global business development, and citizenship and residency programs. As an Associate Director at Piptan International Inc., Mr. Singh spearheads the company's efforts in facilitating offshore company registrations for clients hailing from 45 countries worldwide. Leveraging his profound expertise and keen understanding of international business, he enables investors to navigate the complexities of offshore markets with ease and confidence.

Beyond his expertise in offshore company registration, Mr. Singh is also an invaluable asset when it comes to global business development. He possesses a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of international markets and uses this knowledge to identify lucrative opportunities for clients. His strategic insights and innovative approaches have played a pivotal role in guiding businesses toward sustainable growth and expansion on a global scale. Moreover, Mr. Singh's expertise extends to the realm of citizenship and residency programs, including CBI (Citizenship by Investment) and RBI (Residency by Investment). With a comprehensive understanding of the legal frameworks and intricacies involved, he assists investors from around the world in realizing their dreams of obtaining alternative citizenship or residency in desirable jurisdictions.

Mr. Amardeep Singh's vibrant personality, coupled with his dedication to fostering success for his clients, makes him an outstanding professional in his field. His entrepreneurial mindset, strong leadership skills, and ability to build lasting relationships have earned him recognition as a trailblazer in the industry.

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